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Projects & Presentations

The New Economy Balancing Act

Deep dive into defining what New Economy brands are, how they face unique growth barriers, and how the role of media evolves as new firms scale, resulting in an ongoing balance between brand and performance. 

Presented by Wavemaker, June, 2022. 

Patrick Link

Decoding Challenger Growth

Presentation revisiting Challenger brands through a modern media lens, including how technology has made it easier than ever to launch a challenger brand in media, but increasingly difficult for that brand to stand out.

Presented by Wavemaker, October, 2021. 

A Media Analysis of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A satirical analysis of how Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket campaign could have been improved through better media targeting, resulting in more qualified leads. 

Published by The Drum in 2017. 

Read article.

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